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Patients can expect a longer, more in-depth consultation during their initial visit. Follow-up visits are shorter and more problem-focused.


Dr Rademeyer follows a psychotherapeutic approach during consultations to better understand the complexity of each patient. Her approach is patient-centred, empathetic and non-judgemental. She aims to empower patients by informing them about their condition and the various available treatments. She uses evidence-based treatments based on published academic literature. Dr Rademeyer aims to inform and educate patients that psychiatric conditions have a complex biological basis.

Following an integrative, multidisciplinary approach, Dr Rademeyer works closely with professionals in other medical specialities, including neurology and internal medicine, and professionals in psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics and social work. She aims to improve quality of life by balancing the benefits of medication with long-term safety considerations and side effects. Patients can participate in the decision-making process after she has informed them of the various available treatment options.

The practice aims to create a safe, beautiful, therapeutic space with an undertone of biological medicine.

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